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Joint Pain

I am new to Acupuncture but not new to a holistic approach to health. I have been struggling with neck pain for over 3 years, and hip and knee pain for several years, not to the point of completely interfering with ADL but annoying when being active, and when sleeping (my hips ached when lying on my side) and I had a problem with ankle cramps. I initially had a pulse reading which Dr Park picked up on these issues without me giving my history. The people I was with at the time of the reading were skeptical but I was open to a new thought process. I have been receiving treatment for a month and my hip, knee and neck pain are virtually gone, I will have occasional twinges but on a scale of 1 to 10 of the discomfort when I feel something, it is now a 1 when previously it would be an 8. I even had my daughter evaluated for her chronic neck and back pain and after 5 visits, her back was completely relieved and has remained that way for the past 3 weeks when all previous treatments (massages and PT would last only for a few hours to one or 2 days) When she returns from college, she will complete her treatment for these issues and hopefully be pain free. Dr Parks’ office is clean and his demeanor is relaxing and he is skilled. I hate needles and I am very comfortable with Dr Park. He relaxes you as he is treating you, I strongly recommend Dr Park!
– H.H. –