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I am very pleased with the treatments I have received from Dr. Park for arthritis in my knees.  He is attentive and knowledgeable, his methods are effective, and I recommend him with confidence.
– J.K. –


I don’t like needles so I was very hesitant to try acupuncture. Fortunately I was persuaded to try Dr. Park and it has been wonderful. Headaches, that I have been struggling with on a nearly daily basis rarely occur anymore. Fantastic!
– M.G. –

Wrist Pain, Allergies

Dr. Park is an amazing acupuncturist! He cured my wrist pain which I had been suffering from for 2 months. He also has been treating my 10-year-old son’s allergy with acupuncture and herbal therapy. His kindness and friendliness eased my son and made his fear for needles completely go away. I would love to rate him with more than 5

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Joint Pain

I am new to Acupuncture but not new to a holistic approach to health. I have been struggling with neck pain for over 3 years, and hip and knee pain for several years, not to the point of completely interfering with ADL but annoying when being active, and when sleeping (my hips ached when lying on my side) and I

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